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Friday, February 17, 2017

Classic Racism at Trump Presser

Putting the task of correcting the problem on the back of the minority raising the problem is a classic racist tactic and chauvinist deflection with a long history. That is exactly what President Donald Trump did at his press conference when he responded to a question from April Ryan, an African American White House correspondent, about when we might meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. He suggested that if she wanted such a meeting she should take the responsibility for setting it up. He also cut her off before she could finish her sentence, another classic racist move. You can read Jordan Sargent's ,"The Video of Donald Trump Badgering a Black Reporter Needs to Be Watched", Spin.com, 16 Feb 2017, for the ugly details, or watch the video below.
Any minority activist that has worked in white dominated Left and liberal groups is very familiar with this tactic. I have personally seen this "peculiar" response to criticism played out countless times in my half century as an African American activist working in all manner of white-dominated Left groups from Students for a Democratic Society to the CPML and Veterans for Peace. Often when members of color raised the need for the group to address its "whiteness," they were abruptly cutoff, and then told it was their responsibility to fix the problem. Like I said, this was a classic move. Donald Trump could have learned it in any number of "Left" organizations let alone the GOP .

There was another example of classic racism by Donald Trump when a reporter asked him about anti-Semitism among some of his supporters:
Here is the transcript you can't get from the New York Times "Full Transcript and Video: Trump News Conference":
TRUMP: Are you a friendly reporter? Watch how friendly he is. Wait. Wait. Watch how friendly he is. Go ahead.

TURX: I've been good to you the entire campaign, Mr. President.

TRUMP: Go ahead.

TURX: So first of all, my name is Jake Turx from Ami Magazine and despite what some of my colleagues may have been reporting, I haven’t seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic. We understand that you have Jewish grandchildren, You are their Zaidy.

TRUMP: Thank You

TURX: However, what we are concerned about, and what we haven't really heard being addressed, is an uptick in anti-Semitism and how the government is planning to take care of it. There's been a report out that 48 bomb threats have been made against Jewish centers all across the country in the last couple of weeks. There are people who are committing anti-Semitic acts, or threatening to...

[Note: Notice not only that Trump cuts him off but when he cut him off. The anti-terrorism president is being told about bomb threats but clearly he's not listening. He only hears a charge of anti-Semitism - CLASSIC!]

TRUMP: You see, he said he was gonna ask a very simple, easy question. And it’s not, its not, not — not a simple question, not a fair question. OK sit down, I understand the rest of your question.

So here’s the story, folks. Number one, I am the least anti- Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist person. In fact, we did very well relative to other people running as a Republican — quiet, quiet, quiet.

See, he lied about — he was gonna get up and ask a very straight, simple question, so you know, welcome to the world of the media. But let me just tell you something, that I hate the charge, I find it repulsive.

I hate even the question because people that know me and you heard the prime minister, you heard Ben Netanyahu (ph) yesterday, did you hear him, Bibi? He said, I’ve known Donald Trump for a long time and then he said, forget it.

So you should take that instead of having to get up and ask a very insulting question like that.
It like Trump isn't even listening to what Turx is saying. As soon a Turx suggests there is an issue of racism that Trump maybe could be doing more about, he jumps to the defensive with "I am the least anti- Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist person."

It reminded me of the response of some Los Angeles Veterans for Peace members to suggestions that their Arlington West Memorial project do more to reflect the "Cost of War" to the Iraqi people. They interrupted and shouted out "We're not racists!" as though somebody had said they were, but more importantly, as though that was suppose to put the whole matter to rest.

I took the time to transcribe Jake Turx part before going to work today because the New York Times couldn't seem to get it right, even his name. Instead the "paper of record" presented us with this:
QUESTION: So first of all, my name is (Inaudible) from (Inaudible) Magazine. I (inaudible). I haven’t seen anybody in my community, including yourself or any of the — anyone on your staff of being (OFF-MIKE).

Because (OFF-MIKE). However, what we’ve already heard about and what we (OFF-MIKE) is (OFF-MIKE) so you’re general forecast (ph) like 48 (OFF-MIKE). There are people who are everything (ph) happens through their packs (ph) is one of the (OFF-MIKE)...
I don't know what their problem was. While the captions on the above video made transcribing it easy, I really have no trouble understanding what Turx is saying. It would seem that the NYT and Trump have similar problems in that regard.

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Trump claims Muslin ban protesters bussed in

There was one sentence buried in the ramblings of a madman that passed for a presidential news conference today that told us Donald Trump's opinion of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people that came out to airports, and other places, to protest his Muslim ban, new deportations, and other racist policies.

I spent the Sunday after the ban was announced with thousands of others protesting at Los Angeles International Airport. I reported on it here. It was one of the most spontaneous, organic demonstrations I have ever seen in my life. Yet, this is how Trump dismissed us. He was blaming everyone but himself for the problems with the Muslim ban. I quote two paragraphs for context:
That’s the other thing that was wrong with the travel ban. You had Delta with a massive problem with their computer system at the airports. You had some people that were put out there, brought by very nice busses, and they were put out at various locations.

Despite that the only problem that we had is we had a bad court. We had a court that gave us what I consider to be, with great respect, a very bad decision. Very bad for the safety and security of our country. The rollout was perfect.
LAX Protest
Unfortunately, none of the press corp seemed to catch the import of the sentence enlarged above. If they had, may be they could have ask him if these were the same busses that he said brought the invisible illegal voters from  Massachusetts to New Hampshire. The protesters at the airports were not only quite visible, they got everybody's attention because in many cases they shut the airports down!

I know the courts always claim that their decisions are independent of popular opinion, but I think these massive protests had a lot to do with three federal courts having the courage to refuse Trump, and his administration lacking the will to violate the courts' orders.

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus
Now since I have already reported in the above referenced piece that I did indeed take a very nice bus to the airport, a #3 Santa Monica Big Blue Bus down Lincoln, $0.50 senior fare, I may not be the best one to point out that The Donald is living in a Conspiracy Theory fantasy world if he thinks the millions that have been protesting his misogynistic and white supremacist policies have been put up to it by whoever he thinks is sending fleets of busses to defeat him.

This notion of blaming the people's uprising on the machinations of some 3rd party is not a Donald Trump original. In this regard he is merely imitating the propaganda practices of Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, Muammar Gaddafi and many other "anti-imperialists," including many on the US Left, who can never allow the people their own agency.

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

With Flynn out, will @DrJillStein explain her Putin ties?

Michael Flynn, dines next to Vladimir Putin and across from Jill Stein in Moscow 
Pictures like this have been in the news a lot lately. The scene is a dinner Party in Moscow in October 2015. The occasion is the 10th Anniversary celebration for Russia's main international propaganda outlet, RT.com. General Michael Flynn was there. He has just been forced to resign as Trump's National Security Advisor because of the growing scandal over his, and Trump's, connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Even before this, Flynn had to admit that he was "compensated" by Russia for his trip to Moscow and appearance at this dinner. These pictures have been in the news a lot lately because they show Flynn and Putin together, but there is another American at this table, and in those pictures, that the media hasn't taken much notice of. The silver-haired lady in the foreground with her back to the camera is Jill Stein, who would become the Green Party candidate for president of the United States.

Both Mike Flynn and Jill Stein have long standing connections to the Putin propaganda outlet. Flynn had a regular show on RT.com, and they strongly promoted the Stein candidacy knowing it had no chance of winning. As Stein supporter Louis Proyect noted in his blog "it [RT.com] has published 105 articles in praise of Jill Stein." That was as of August, about the same time we published Meet Green Party's Jill Stein, Putin sock-puppet & Assad apologist, 10 August 2016. Google finds another 85 mentions of Jill Stein on RT.com after the 1st of August but before election day.

From what has come out already, it is becoming increasingly clear that in 2016, Vladimir Putin pursued a policy of intervention in US politics with an aim of putting Donald Trump in the White House. Jill Stein played an indispensable role in its execution. So did the WikiLeak DNC email dumps. It's no accident that they came too late to help Bernie Sanders, but just in time to help Trump. Julian Assange had a virtual seat at this table. He made a video appearance at the dinner.

Putin is the devious type who likes to play both ends against the middle. His main play was to put a friendly white nationalist, right-wing authoritarian regime in the White House, but to do this, he also needed the US Left to stand down from the fight against Trump until after the election. Jill Stein was central to his plans for getting that to happen. That is why she had a seat at this table.

Her campaign was against Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, as her "Jill not Hill" campaign slogan made crystal clear. It was a campaign designed to get US progressives to sit out this election by either voting for her or staying at home. In the face of the tremendous evil we were facing, and will now have to endure, she counseled "Don't Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils." In the end, less than a hundred thousand votes in three states separated Donald Trump from Hillary Clinton, and just enough progressives followed Jill Stein's advice to put Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

This data is from Politico [updated 22 Nov. 2016 - PA updated 2 Dec from http://www.electionreturns.pa.gov/ ]:
Candidate Count % Michigan [16] Wisconsin [10] Pennsylvania [20]
Donald Trump 61,201,031 47% 2,279,805 1,409,467 2,955,671
Hillary Clinton 62,523,126 48% 2,268,193 1,382,210 2,906,128
Difference 11,612 27,257 49,543
Jill Stein 802,119 0.7% 50,700 30,980 49,678

Jill Stein has never made it clear who paid for her trip to Moscow. She needs to come clean about that and, I suspect, much more.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Look for a false-flag attack

There are a number of clues in recent events that point to the strong possibility that the Trump cabal will commit a fake terrorist attack on US soil as the most expeditious way of getting what they want, which is the ability to rule the United States as a dictatorship and impose draconian measures on the people. The attack will appear to be the work of one or more ISIS terrorists, disguised as Syrian refugees who got into the US because the courts blocked Trump's Muslim ban. This will then be used by Trump/Bannon to justify ignoring any ruling from the judicial branch and making sure the Republican controlled legislative branch stays in line.

My focus on the Syrian conflict since 2012 has taught me a few things about false flag "terrorist attacks," how they are conducted, and how they are used. It has been said that just about every "terrorist" bomb that went off in the secure areas of Damascus in the early days of the revolution had been placed there by the Assad regime. This was long before they helped to invent ISIS. Their real opposition was democratic, but their claim was that they were fighting terrorists, so even before they helped the jihadists form up, they created "terrorist attacks" out of whole cloth. We found out that these were false-flag attacks from Syrian defectors who had foreknowledge of them.

The Russian leader Trump so admires, Vladimir Putin is also alleged to have a history of using false flag "terrorist attacks" to get what he wants. In September 1999, there was a series of bomb attacks carried out on four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk. Two-hundred-ninety-three people were killed, Putin blamed Islamic terrorists and used the attacks as the excuse to start the Second Chechen War. Thirty-six hours after one attack, local police arrested the three FSB agents who had planted the device. The incident was declared to be a "training accident" and two motions for a parliamentary investigation were quashed.

The release of a fake video about the Yemen raid gives us a clear indication of how rapidly the Trump cabal is moving towards the Putin/Assad model of governance. The raid itself was a big failure by most reports. The main target wasn't even there and released a mocking video afterwards. They killed between 16 and 25 civilians, including 8 children, and the jihadists they did kill were gunts, not "high level" operatives. One US Navy seal also lost his life. As part of their attempt justify the raid, the Pentagon posted a video online that they said was part of the "take." Then they pulled it down when it was exposed as a 10 year old video from another website.

This is straight out of the Putin/Assad playbook. For example, a Linux Beach post date 26 December 2013 documented seven cases in which Syrian or Russian news sources had been caught and called out for putting out fake videos and pictures that they claimed represented current terrorist activity before the "prior art" was found.

This is the proper context to view Donald Trump's response to Bill O'Reilly's point that "Putin's a killer." When Trump countered "There are a lot of killers. We've got a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?" He was doing something more sinister than merely admitting that US presidents kill, he was endorsing Putin's manner of using murder, which is many times meaner than what we've seen from any US president in living memory.

Now we can consider the warning issued by Stephen Miller yesterday, who like Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway, is part of Trump's emerging inter circle or cabal. He was telling us how that cabal is planning to respond to the resistance they are getting from the people, local politicians, and the courts:
The end result of this, though, is that our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.
What did he mean by that?

I hope I am wrong about this. Very much so. But if there should be some kind of terrible ISIS attack in the US perpetrated by a Syrian refugee who got in because the courts blocked Trump's Muslim ban, don't panic and think Cui Bono - Who Benefits?

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Veterans for What?

Since Veterans for Peace has thrown it's support behind the worst mass murderer of the 21st century, I respectfully ask them to remove "Peace" from their name.

Veterans for Peace marching with Assad supporters and his flag

When Assad used chemical weapons, including sarin and chlorine, to murder his civilian opposition and their children, Veterans for Peace remained silence, except for the massive sarin attack of 21 August 2013. That attack got so much attention in the United Nations and the mainstream media, that Veterans for Peace was forced to speak out - in defense of Assad.

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