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Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now says Assad now best for Syria

Maybe Noam Chomsky is getting senile. Perhaps that is the kindest thing I can say. In the Syria section of his hour long interview on Democracy Now, Wednesday, 26 April 2017, he would capture a glimmer of truth here and there, but he failed to put those pieces together into a coherent pattern, so instead he fell back on well-wore talking points of the "anti-imperialist" Left and gave aid and comfort to the killers when all he really wants to do is help those fleeing the war.

Host Amy Goodman asked him about the recent sarin attack at Khan Sheikhoun and Trump's response:
But, well, there are some things we know for sure. There was a serious chemical weapons attack. Nobody doubts that. It’s plausible that it was the Syrian government, which does raise some questions. It’s not so obvious why the Assad regime would have carried out a chemical warfare attack at a moment when it’s pretty much winning the war, and the worst danger it faces is that a counterforce will enter to undermine its progress. So it does raise some questions. It also—even though maybe you can think up some reason why the Assad regime, which is a murderous, brutal regime, might have done it, there’s even another question as to why the Russians would have allowed it. Now, remember, this is a—the air base is a joint Russian-Syrian base. Russia has plenty of clout in Syria. And for them, it’s a total disaster. They have global concerns, not just local concerns in Syria. So there are some concerns.
He begins by acknowledging what everybody, including Putin and Assad, agrees on: There was a chemical attack on 4 April 2017 in Khan Sheikhoun. He doesn't say a word about the victims, but instead jumps straight into the "Cui Bono" [who benefits] defense of Assad so popular with the Russians and the rest of the "anti-imperialist" crowd. "But why would he risk using sarin now when he's winning? It just doesn't make sense!" They made the same as argument in 2013, and Assad's still winning after all these years.

Near the end of this paragraph he says "Russia has plenty of clout in Syria," and that is quite the understatement. As I reported in A valuable admission: Russia controls Syria & Putin runs the war, on Monday, it is the Russian military command that is running the war. No Syrian air force plane flies without its permission. All military operations are controlled by a single command. That is the way armies do things. In the Vietnam War, it was the US command. It ran the South Vietnamese, Korean, Australian, all the armies, under a single command. In Syria today, that command is Russian. Chomsky acknowledged it was "a joint Russian-Syrian base." Who does he think runs the base? Two armies don't share a military base the way two people share an apartment. There will be a single unified command. This sarin attack almost certainly wasn't a renegade operation carried out by Assad on his own authority. If Chomsky thinks Assad has too much to lose from the chance of western intervention to risk it, he has everything to lose should Putin disapprove and pull the plug. Assad is not that wreckless. This sarin attack was done under Putin's authority.

This means that any "Cui Bono" analysis should be applied to Putin, not Assad, and makes Chomsky's "question as to why the Russians would have allowed it," a very good one. Then he answers that question by implying they had no motive, "for them, it’s a total disaster," without any further explanation or analysis even while acknowledging "They have global concerns." Think man! Take the next step.

Instead he diverts to the latest en vogue "anti-imperialist" theory of how Assad didn't do it, the Postol pipe dream:
And there are further concerns. There has been—the White House did put out a careful—you know, a justification, an intelligence report, to explain and account for, showing why they had absolute confidence that it was a Syrian government attack. This was analyzed closely by a very serious and credible analyst, Theodore Postol, professor at MIT, who has a long record of highly successful, credible analysis. He’s a highly regarded strategic analyst and intelligence analyst. And he gave a pretty devastating critique of the White House report. You might—you can pick it up online and take a look at it. So there certainly are some questions.
Just as he doesn't spare word one on the suffering of the sarin victims, he never addresses their claims as to who done it. Instead he takes on the White House Report, presumably because he, like Postol, has elected the Trump administration as the best champions of the Syrians in Khan Sheikhoun. I've just torn through Ted Postol's thesis in Sincerely yours, Theodore A. Postol, 26 April 2017, and I turn on Democracy Now to hear Chomsky singing his praises like a movie poster:
"analyzed closely" "a very serious and credible analyst"
"professor at MIT"
"long record of highly successful, credible analysis"
"highly regarded strategic analyst and intelligence analyst"
"a pretty devastating critique"
This is how all these Left celebs sell themselves and each other. They all claim great legacies which they are selling for a song, and they ask us to trust them on Syria because of what they have done in the past. Noam Chomsky knows the Assad regime is a criminal regime that is murdering it people wholesale, he doesn't think we should do anything to stop the murders, but he is strongly critical of how little we do to help the survivors. Truly he treats Assad's assault on his people as if it was a natural disaster in which all we can do is help the victims. Even in the case of forest fires, we don't just help the victims, we try to put out the fire!
That there’s—that Syria is capable of a monstrous act like that, the Syrian government, that much is not in doubt. But one question that arises is: Before doing something, could you find out what happened? OK? I mean, let’s have an inquiry, take a look and see what in fact actually happened.
Sure, plenty of time for an inquiry. It's not like people are dying everyday. Noam Chomsky, Theodore A. Postol and Amy Goodman don't treat Syria as a crime in progress because it's not happening to them. That is why they have all the time in the world for a proper inquiry. That is why they demand proof beyond a reasonable doubt before they are willing to do anything to stop it.

Chauvinism colors Noam Chomsky's view of Assad's opposition, as does his reliance on Assad mouthpieces like Patrick Cockburn. He sees all of Assad's opposition as jihadist terrorists. He has bought the Putin/Assad mindmelt on that score:
If reporters go into the rebel-held areas and don’t do what they’re told, you know, get your head cut off. Patrick Cockburn and others have written about this. You just can’t seriously report from those areas.
This is a great insult to thousands of Syrian revolutionaries. Noam Chomsky should apologize.
When Noam Chomsky talks about Trump's response, he reveals a chemical weapons fetish common to many western observers of the Syrian conflict:
Well, apparently, the Tomahawk missiles were targeting a part of the airfield that doesn’t seem to be used. And, in fact, the next day, planes were taking off. And, in fact, the village that was attacked by the chemical weapons has been even more heavily attacked by straight bombing from the Assad government after the 59 Tomahawk missiles.
What I want you to notice here is that Noam Chomsky has no trouble assigning blame for the conventional bombing of Khan Sheikhoun on the day after the chemical attack. No need for an international investigation in that case. And he likely won't dispute that it has been Russian and Syrian planes that have been bombing the town before 4 April 2017, but the chemical attack, you can't prove he did the chemical attack. Most likely the rebels gassed their own people.

As he goes on to talk about Trump's reasons for the cruise missile attack, we can see that he almost gets it, but can't quite connect the dots:
So whatever they were intended to do doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Syria. I suspect that what they were intended to do was pretty much what you described, to shore up Trump’s image as—I think it was Nikki Haley at the U.N., said, "There’s a new sheriff in town." So now we’ve got Wyatt Earp, you know, pulling out his gun and getting rid of the bad guys. No more of this soft stuff. So, it was probably an attempt to shore up that image.
Yes, these events took place in Syria but they really have little to do with Syria, and he gets that the retaliatory strike was an attempt to shore up Trump's image, but he doesn't take the next step. If he did he would note that one of the major problems with Trump's image at this particular time is his perceived ties with Russia, so staging a falling out with Putin over the sarin attack was a big part of shoring up his image. If Chomsky thought about the investment Putin has made into the Trump presidency, he would see why it might be in Putin's interest as well, and Putin had the power to order the sarin attack. This is how the cui bono question should be addressed in this case. Chomsky may want to re-think his conclusion that for Russia "it’s a total disaster" from the point of view of their "global concerns."

With regards to Syria, he sees it's a terrible catastrophe, but he doesn't think much can be done about it because the Russian's have nukes:
In Syria, it’s a terrible catastrophe. And, you know, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that can be done about it. There are some things that can be done. I mean, the idea that you can send in the Marines and bomb and so on, that has a small problem. If you do, you probably set off a nuclear war, and not only is Syria destroyed, the rest of Syria, but the rest of the world, too.
This is a theme that seems to be gaining currency among the "Home of the Brave" Left; We dare not do anything serious to oppose atrocities committed by a client of Russia because it has nukes. I suppose if Chomsky was in the Soviet Union or China while the United States was creating a holocaust in Vietnam, he would have opposed any military support from those countries for Vietnamese independence because the US has nukes. "You can't do that!"
But there are things that could be done, not what we would like to see. You know, it would be nice to see: "Here’s a solution that will make everybody happy and end the destruction." But those just don’t seem on the possible agenda, because—for all kinds of reasons, including the threat of a very serious war if Russia and the United States don’t act in a high level of concert in pursuing whatever they may be doing.
What a dark vision of the future he gives us. We may have to give up what we would like to see, things like freedom, justice and democracy, while our hope for peace rests on the two major imperialist powers acting "in a high level of concert in pursuing whatever they may be doing."

Sorry Noam, that's not the future I have planned for my children.

What passes for an anti-war protest in Los Angeles these days.
Oppose the White Helmet rescue worker but not Putin's killers.
To quote our esteemed President Donald Trump, "Sad!"

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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09/01/2013Anti-War in Form, Pro-War in Essence
09/01/2013The Courtship Continues: Obama's New Gift to Assad
08/31/2013Win-Win for Assad as Obama Response to CW  Put on Hold
08/31/2013The case for ‘Hands off Syria’
08/30/2013Obama Denied Gas Masks to Assad's Victims
08/29/2013Bashar al-Assad is a Brutal Mass Murderer
08/29/2013An open letter on Syria to Western narcissists
08/29/2013Obama's Dilemma and Assad's Opportunity
08/27/2013Do’s and don’ts for progressives discussing Syria
08/22/ Disparages Chemical Attack in Syria
08/21/2013Assad Knows: Chemical Attacks Kill Children First!
08/21/20131300+ Dead after Obama "Green-lights" new CW attack in Syria
08/20/2013Revolutions in the Era of "Socialist" Abandonment
08/14/2013More Opportunist Lies on Syria from Counterpunch
08/13/2013Abu Qusay in Syria: The Road from Peace Protester to Rebel Fighter
08/13/'s confusion on Obama's Syria Poilicy
08/12/2013Stephen Lendman's Fraud & the Phony Tal Abyad Massacre
08/12/2013Who is Really Killing Kurdish Civilians in Tal Abyad, Syria?
08/09/2013Why do they keep digging up & reburying these kids?
08/08/2013Iran's PressTV Promotes Fake Syrian Rebel Massacre Video
08/07/2013Syrian Rebels Regain Momentum
08/07/2013Russian FM Lavrov calls on UNSC to Condemn Syria Massacre I Debunked
08/06/2013Syria: Major Assad Regime Airbase Falls!
08/05/2013BREAKING NEWS: Fake Photo Exposes Assad Regime Lie about Rebel Massacre in Tal Abyad
08/05/2013Syria: New Poison Gas Attacks Reported in #Douma & #Adra
08/05/2013 5,000 Assad Regime Prisoners Executed, Dumped in Mass Grave in Al Qutaifah
08/04/2013Syria: Assad isn’t Winning and the Rebels aren’t Losing
08/04/2013A popular revolution for freedom, equality & social justice & against absolutism
08/03/2013* Some Exceptions Apply
07/28/2013 Assad's New Strategy: Nothing Makes People Flee Like Murdering Their Children
07/21/2013Why Support the Syrian Revolution?
07/21/2013Assad Regime Thanks US Peace Movement for its Support
07/20/2013The Current Military Situation in Syria
07/18/2013Syrian Refugees demand "No-Fly Zone" from US SecState Kerry
07/18/2013Obama's "Good Cop" tactics in Syria exposed!
07/17/2013UN Reports 5,000/Month Killed in Syria as LA Peace Movement Waves Killer's Flag
07/17/2013Matters come to a Head in Syria's Three-sided Conflict
07/15/2013The July 11th Los Angeles Syria Peace Protest and the Reality of Syria
07/12/2013Protest in Homs, Syria: Are These the Bravest People on Earth?
07/11/2013Syria: Pro-Assad Militias now receiving US weapons
07/10/2013LEAKED VIDEO: Assad forces torture defected soliders
07/10/2013Syria is in a Revolution not a Sectarian Civil War
07/10/2013What's up with these Tweets? "Former US Army Vet Who Fought Alongside Al-Qae'a in #Syria"
07/09/2013Assad may have Children Under Siege in Homs but has his Aleppo Offensive Fizzled?
07/07/2013Ten Things Worst Than Eating a Dead Man's Heart Done by US Soldiers in Vietnam
06/23/2013UN Aid for Assad - A Daily Kos Controversy Revisited
06/21/2013EMERGENCY: Dire Conditions in #Aleppo Central Prison
06/20/2013Syria: 10 Things Worse Than Eating a Dead Man’s Heart
06/18/2013The Changing Importance of Qusayr, Syria in the Media
06/18/2013Noam Chomsky & John Passant on Syria
06/16/2013Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire's Syria Connection
06/16/2013( Blood of Freedom ) A new film on the syrian revolution
06/16/2013Why have there been so many Syrian Army defections?
06/09/2013Shia Anti-Hezbollah Protest Exposes Syria Sectarian War Lie
06/06/2013Is Qusayr Assad's 1st major victory in over a year?
06/05/2013Analysis: UN Report on Syria lets Assad off easy
06/03/2013The Crime of Qusayr
06/03/2013More False Reports of Sarin Usage by Assad's Opposition in Syria
05/30/2013Are Saudi Arabia & Qatar really outsiders in the Syria Revolution?
05/19/2013When H? Chí Minh Collaborated with the US Imperialists
05/15/2013From the Revolting Syrian: Does This Not Outrage You?
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 2
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 3
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 4
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 5
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 6
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 7
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 8
05/13/2013Jon Steward weighs in on Obama's "red-line" in Syria
05/13/2013?????????? : ????? ?????? ?? ?????
05/12/2013UNAC demands "US Out of #Libya!"???
05/10/2013Obama's "Red-Line" was nothing but a Green Light for Assad's Slaughter of 70,000
05/09/2013Socialist Alternative on Leftist Assad backers and Chicago Syrians Protest Banias Massacre
05/09/2013How Obama helps Assad: US tried to start war between FSA & al Nusra Front
05/08/2013The Assad Regime Sniper, the Old Man and the Hero
05/08/2013Carla Del Ponte in the WikiLeaks Cablegate files
05/07/2013John Kerry: US agrees with Russia on Syria, Assad stays
05/07/2013Syria falls off Internet, electricity cut in Damascus, as Assad massacres continue
05/06/2013Syria Sarin Blame Game: Is Carla Del Ponte at it again?
04/29/2013Other Echoes of Iraq in NATO response to WMD in Syria
04/17/2013U.S. fears Syria rebel victory
04/16/2013Islamaphobia & the Boston Bombing | Islamaphobia & the Left
04/13/2013In Syria, a gov't makes war on its people. Could it ever happen to US?
04/13/2013Left voices raised in support of Syrian struggle at World Social Forum
04/04/2013Counterpunch: So Wrong on Syria
03/30/2013Is Assad Dead? Forgive me if I'm a bit more cautious this time
03/29/2013France reneges on arming Syrian rebels: More empty promises from NATO
03/28/2013Report says Russia threatens to use its army in Syria
03/22/2013Reports say Dr Mohammed al-Bouti was leaving Assad when murdered
03/18/2013Allies say US holding back fight against Assad in Syria
03/17/2013HRW reports mounting casualties from cluster bombs in Syria since Obama warned Assad on WMD
03/17/2013Australia puts group fighting Assad in Syria on terrorist list
03/16/2013Obama planning drone strikes against Assad's opposition in Syria
03/16/2013Syria: for #Mar15, @AmyGoodman has Assad 'regime apologist' on Democracy Now
03/15/2013Syrians protest on 2nd anniversary of the Day of Rage
03/15/2013BREAKING: EU to Syrian opposition: No Arms for You!
03/14/2013Reports say Iran sending more arms to Assad as he prepares chemical weapons
03/13/2013The children of Syria have been abandoned by the world powers
03/12/2013Why the Daily Kos and everyone else who think that Syria is not their problem are tragically wrong
03/11/2013More on the slaughter in Syria with NATO, UN & Daily Kos acquiescence
03/09/2013What Amy didn't say on International Women's Day
03/09/2013Banned from the Daily Kos for speaking truth to Obama on Syria
02/13/2013Obama: Did the CIA betray Assad's opposition in Syria?
02/12/2013Barack Obama's Courtship of Bashar Assad Exposed!!! in Syria
02/05/2013Syria: Who is the new FSA arms supplier?
02/05/2013BREAKING In Syria a new batte for Damascus is joined: Comeuppance II
02/02/2013{ Syria } - the anti-interventionist masterpiece Syria
02/01/2013BREAKING: Marxist DHKP claims they did bombing at US embassy in Ankara Turkey
02/01/2013More from Wikileaks on the DHKP in Turkey
01/30/2013Was Israeli air strike in Syria for Assad's benefit?
01/30/2013More thoughts on Obama's 'No MANPADS for you!' policy in Syria
01/28/2013How Obama's 'No MANPADS for you' policy in Syria is backfiring
01/27/2013Obama on Syria: They're still dying, he's still looking
01/22/2013Rape in Syria: Woman dies after encounter with rodent
01/20/2013UN reveals its real stand on Syria, giving Assad $500 million
01/19/2013Massacre about to occur in Jobar, big new terror rocket being used by Assad!
01/16/2013Syria: FSA begins final push to free Aleppo
01/16/2013NOT BREAKING NEWS: Just another massacre in Syria
01/15/2013US: Assad didn't use chemical weapons in Syria
01/15/2013BREAKING: FP says Obama ignored chemical weapons attack by Assad in Syria
01/15/2013Assad's systematic use of Rape in Syria
01/14/2013Is Russia getting ready to skedaddle from Syria?
01/13/2013Two years blogging for the Arab Spring
01/13/2013How the US help put Assad in power in Syria
01/12/2013Defections and Murder
01/11/201350 countries want Syria referred to ICC, US should join them!
01/11/2013Diane Sawyer's insensitivity towards Syrian children
01/10/2013BREAKING: Taftanaz, Assad's biggest air base falls in Syria
01/10/2013Syria: Friday of the Death Camps
01/09/2013Syria: UN envoy finally says Assad must go!
01/08/2013Syria: Prisoner swap frees 2130, al Nusra speaks out
01/06/2013NY Times: Assad has sarin in bombs at airfields
01/05/2013Syria: Assad must be defeated on the battlefield
01/04/2013Syrian opposition says still receiving no help
01/01/2013BREAKING: UN says 60,000 killed in Syrian conflict
12/31/20125,000 Syrians murdered in 2011, 40,000 in 2012, what will 2013 bring?
12/29/2012MSM finally reports on Syria massacre story I broke here yesterday
12/29/2012Prediction: In 2013 Syria will see the last of Assad
12/28/2012BREAKING: Massacre in Homs Syria right now! 150 burnt corpses found
12/27/2012Why did this Syrian mother try to kill her own child?
12/26/2012BREAKING: Another high level defection in Syria
12/26/2012BREAKING: Defecting General confirms use of chemical weapons in Syria
12/23/2012Sticking to their story: UNAC's new 'Statement on Syria'
12/23/2012Why I think #Syria is so important
12/23/2012Bashar Assad reported willing to leave Syria with entourage of 142
12/22/2012BREAKING: 300 killed in air strike on breadline in #Syria
12/22/2012BREAKING: Chemical weapons first use reported in Syria
12/21/2012BREAKING: Russia takes control of Syrian chemical weapons
12/20/2012Syria: Assad Regime enters the Deathwatch Phase
12/21/2012SecState[?] John Kerry and his 'dear friend' Bashar Assad
1219/2012A Libyan rebel speaks out on Jihadists in Syria
12/16/2012Does what Obama said at Newtown apply to Syria?
12/16/2012BREAKING: Heavy fighting in Damascus as coup attempt reported in progress
12/15/2012Assad's jets bomb Palestinian refugee camp
12/13/2012Jabhat al-Nusra is a Threat to the Syrian Revolution
12/12/2012AP weighs in on Obama's Green Light for Assad's slaughter in Syria
12/12/2012Syrian opposition says "Thanks but No Thanks!" to foreign intervention
12/11/2012BREAKING: Assad firing Scud missiles at Syria
12/11/2012Is Assad using white phosphorus in Syria?
12/10/2012BREAKING: Obama recognizes opposition in Syria
12/10/2012Speaking for the murderous regime in Syria
12/08/2012State of the war in Syria: Most of Damascus now in FSA hands!
12/06/2012Syria: Obama's moves Assad's "red line" back as SOHR reports 42,000 dead!
12/05/2012Assad asylum offers pour in as he is reported loading sarin gas into bombs
11/30/2012Syria comes back on-line as mystery flight leaves Damascus airport #SYR441
11/28/2012UPDATED: Syria goes dark as "cleansing" begins in Damascus
11/24/2012BREAKING: Assad's Troops Wipe Out a Playground Full of Children in #Syria
11/16/2012General Strike in Damascus
11/1/2012BREAKING: Russia denies Syrian army on brink of collapse
10/25/2012BREAKING in Syria: Explosion rocks Damascus as people use "Truce Day" to protest regime
10/19/2012We condemn Israel. So why the silence on Syria?
10/18/2012Norodom Sihanouk at his finest & more on Syria
10/11/2012Meet a Syrian who doesn't think both sides are equally bad and is betting her life on it!
10/10/2012Two statements about Syria
10/08/2012Syria Today: New videos from the revolutionary war
10/07/2012Syrian Defector: Assad behind "terrorist" bombs
10/03/2012How Assad fights "terrorism" in Syria
10/02/2012Turkey attacks Syria
09/29/2012Panetta: Unilateral U.S. Military Intervention in Syria Would Be a Serious Mistake
09/26/2012305 Syrians slaughtered in bloodiest day yet
09/25/2012Please help me continue my work with WikiLeaks
09/23/2012Syria: Secret source of rebel arms revealed
09/18/2012Amnesty on Syria - Assad Regime guilty on indiscriminate slaughter
09/17/2012Syrian Revolution Digest shows "disgusting" photos!
09/16/2012Syria: The Killing Field the World is Learning to Live With
09/14/2012Barack Obama's Courtship of Bashar al-Assad
09/04/2012Syria: How Assad manipulates US media
08/31/2012LIVE VIDEO: ?World Silence is Killing Syria? Rally in DC
08/30/2012Free Syria responds to Robert Fisk
08/28/2012UPDATED: Assad: "Syria doesn't need a green light!"
08/27/2012Amnesty site hacked, Assad propaganda posted
08/27/2012Obama opposes French support for Assad's opposition in Syria
08/26/2012BREAKING: 630 Slaughtered in new massacre in Syria
08/25/2012Special message from Syrian children to Obama
08/23/2012Assad's Redline and Obama's Greenlight!
08/21/2012General Meade at Gettysburg
08/20/2012Tell US gov't to stop endangering Syrian activists
08/20/2012UPDATED: Obama "green lights" Assad's slaughter in Syria
08/19/2012Syria: Turning Battlegrounds into Playgrounds
08/18/2012BREAKING: Bashar al-Assad is alive as deaths in Syria reach 25,000
08/16/2012The Left and the Arab Spring
08/10/2012Iran increasing its intervention in Syria
08/08/2012Syria: Images from the Battle of Aleppo
08/07/2012Fears grow of WMD attack in Syria
08/06/2012UPDATED: FSA says it killed Russian General in Syria
08/06/2012BREAKING: Syria releases new images of Bashar al- Assad | Are they fakes?
08/05/2012UPDATED: Syrian prime minister defects
08/05/2012Syria: FSA says Iranian pilgrims really Republican Guard
08/03/2012Syria: Aleppo under Siege!
08/02/2012BREAKING: UN votes to condemn Assad Regime as Reuters posts false story on Syria
08/01/2012BREAKING: Kofi Annan resigns as envoy to Syria
07/31/2012Syria: Bashar al-Assad not heard from on Armed Forces Day!
07/30/2012BREAKING: Senior Syrian diplomat to Armenia defects
07/30/2012BREAKING: Big Explosion hits Damascus Syria
07/29/2012UPDATED: Syria's Charge D'Affaires Quits London Post
07/27/2012BREAKING: Ground assault on Aleppo begins!
07/27/2012BREAKING: Protests across Syria in spite of Assad regime violence
07/26/2012ALEPPO: Step outside the Matrix and witness the Horror
07/26/2012UPDATED: US fears massacre in Aleppo, Syria
07/25/2012BREAKING: Reports of clashes between Jordan Army & Assad's Syrian army
07/25/2012BRAKING: Obama stops Putin from re-arming Assad in Syria
07/24/2012Syria: Foreign meddling increases as crisis builds
07/23/2012BREAKING: Aleppo, Syria bombed with fighter jets
07/22/2012BREAKING: Syria issues a correction, it has no WMD to use
07/22/2012Arab League asks Assad to step down!
07/21/2012Bashar al-Assad: New images released as slaughter continues
07/20/2012no blood for oil
07/20/2012BREAKING: Activists report toxic gas attack in Deir ez-Zor, Syria
07/19/2012Glenn Greenwald sees Islamist Terrorism as main issue in Syria
07/19/2012Will Assad make a chemical attack in Damascus on Saturday?
07/19/2012BREAKING: I know where Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is!
07/19/2012Massive Fire near Assad's Presidential Palace in Damascus, Syria
07/17/2012BREAKING: Is Syria's Bashar al-Assad dead or dying?
07/17/2012Damascus explosion kills Defense Minister, other key figures
07/16/2012The battle for Damascus is coming
07/14/2012BREAKING: Intense fighting reported in Damascus now!
07/14/2012Syrian defector spills beans as important new defection reported.
07/13/2012Does Syria's Assad have something on Kofi Annan?
07/12/2012Tremseh Massacre in Syria: What we know
07/11/2012 ~227 reported massacred by Assad's forces in Tremseh,today!
07/10/2012Syria: Is Assad regime on the verge of collapse?
07/09/2012BREAKING: Russian Warships reported in Syria
07/08/2012Russia changing on Assad but not as fast as conditions in Syria
07/05/2012UN Observers say violence in Syria is ?Unprecedented?
07/05/2012BREAKING: Defection of major Assad insider reported in Syria
07/05/2012BREAKING: WikiLeaks releases 2.4 million Syria emails
07/03/2012When did "Never Again" become "Whenever?" | Douma
07/02/2012BREAKING: Incredible mass rally in Aleppo, Syria today!
07/02/2012BREAKING: HRW releases torture report on Syria
07/01/2012BREAKING: Syrian General defects with 293 to Turkey
07/01/2012BREAKING: Items not in the MSM on Syria
06/30/2012To Phyllis Bennis: Where is the non-violent opposition in Syria?
06/29/2012SAF attacks Douma, 10m from Damascus, thousands flee
06/29/2012BREAKING: As Syria Burns, UN Blows More Smoke
06/27/2012BREAKING: Kofi Annan to propose Syrian unity gov't sans Assad!
06/27/2012Douma, Syria under massive attack, another massacre feared
06/26/2012BREAKING: Another mass defection from Syrian army
06/25/2012BREAKING: NATO says No War in Syria shoot down of Turkey jet
06/24/2012NATO meetup tomorrow as more defect from Syria
06/23/2012Turkey calls for NATO consult on downing of jet by Syria
06/21/2012BREAKING: Senior Syrian Officers Defect
06/20/2012UPDATED: Russia reported to be preparing to evacuate from Syria
06/20/2012BREAKING: Syria fighter pilot defects
06/17/2012Britain stops Russian ship carrying attack helicopters for Syria
06/15/2012BREAKING: Russian troops headed to Syria
06/15/2012Qaddafi forces Strike Back in Libya
06/15/2012BREAKING: UN suspends mission in Syria
06/14/2012Libya & Syria - two videos - no comment
06/12/2012BREAKING: Russia denies supplying Syria with NEW attack helicopters
06/06/2012Syrian people rise up against the massacre
06/06/2012Another "Houla style" massacre in Syria
05/29/2012Fake Houla Massacre Photo: Was the BBC set up?
05/03/2012Idlib, Syria protest today on anniversary of Kent State killings
04/19/2012BREAKING: Massive protests in Syria following Friday pray
04/12/2012Syria is bleeding
04/11/2012Syria: Ceasefire faltering as mass protests breakout